Wednesday, February 29, 2012

First Snow

Our street after first snow

Poor Daffodils didn't like the snow!

Orchids - I have 6 stalks this year.
We had our first snow Monday night - it sure was cold enough for it.  Rained all day, hailed some and by evening it was snowing. Now, in Southern California, we don't get a lot of snow if you don't live in the mountains.  We are about 2400 feet at the base of the mountains through the pass to Palm Springs and always get snow at least once every year.  This was our street early in the morning, notice the snow does not stick to the streets, only lawns, flowerbeds, roofs and cars.  It was ruined my newly blooming daffodils and hoping that when it warms up a bit, they will stand up again.  - Hasn't hurt my orchids, they withstood it all and are starting to open the flowers - this pot is on my front porch.

Of  course, the mountains look beautiful this time of year, all covered with snow.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rainy Sunday dye painting

Today it was a cloudy rainy day.  I decided it was a good time to do some dye painting for some future projects.  I don't have a large studio to do this type of work and usually can utilize the patio.  Too cold today for that.  So I draped my kitchen, with the help of hubby, and painted fabric.  Some of it is my table top dyeing I do and other was the Phil Beaver technique with salt.  Creates a mess, but stays contained to one area.  All done now and all will be dry later this evening. 

Happy Valentine's Day!

Had a fun day at Desiree's painting and celebrating Valentine's Day. Desiree had a wonderful chocolate dipped strawberry for each one of us.  Before we could eat it, we had to paint it.  This is my painting in my journal.  Then she gave us each a beautiful rose Valentine and we then we made our own while learning this technique.  It so relaxing to attend these monthly classes while learning to journal and paint - not good at journaling very regular, not very good at painting regularly (as I would like to do), but each is giving me some very fun learning experiences and I am progressing.