Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Latest Quilt

This is a full version of my "Garden Star" quilt that can be viewed on this site  http://www.allianceforamericanquilts.org/projects/galleries/TWENTY/gallery/

Mine is #37.  This was a contest with the theme of "20".  I made a 20 point star with the points featuring  some of my photograph segments of flowers.  It is 20x20 and has a beaded fringe, which is a garden in itself, made with various flower beads.  Anyone who is a Quilt Alliance member will be able to vote on a viewer contest for their favorite quilt coming up in July.   My quilt be in an auction on the internet, Ebay, I think on Dec.2-9. All proceeds go to the support of Quilt Alliance. 

Had a lot fun making it and pleased with the result.